How One FMCG Distribution Centre Recovered From a 3-Day Total Shutdown Due to Snow

It was the perfect storm - both metaphorically and literally.

One of Dublin’s biggest distributors of home-grown and imported fresh produce had let go of 40 employees. Despite this being a planned redundancy, they didn't anticipate what would happen next.

A severe weather warning hit Dublin and snow was on its way. Sure, for most people in the city this is business as usual. But for a distribution centre that requires safe and reliable transportation access, this meant a shutdown.  

The Keelings Market and distribution centre closed down its operations for three business days.

The problem

During this shutdown period, the demand for fresh produce in Dublin grew to unusual heights. Keelings had an unprecedented number of fruit and vegetables to pick, with 40 fewer staff than usual.

This jeopardised key deadlines and put multi-million dollar distribution relationships at risk. They needed skilled labour, and they needed it as soon as possible.

The solution

To solve their temporary staffing headaches, Keelings contacted Flexsource. They partnered with one of our consultants who specialises in the FMCG light industrial sector.

After an initial discussion, it became apparent that Keelings would need 50 trained staff members to meet this demand. Each of these staff would require manual handling training, food safety training, and relevant PPE uniform.

Within 8 hours of the initial contact, the team at Flexsource had found and placed 20 experienced staff. The remaining 30 staff placed in less than 3 days. This enabled Keelings to fulfill their immediate demand and meet all requirements with their wholesalers.

On top of providing compliant staff, Flexsource deployed an onsite Account Manager to assist in the management of the new staff. This freed up management at Keelings to focus on other critical issues that had resulted from the 3-day shutdown.

There were three factors that helped solve this problem in such a short period of time:

  • Access to an extensive database of trained staff from the FMCG light industrial sector.
  • Industry-specialized consultants who are experienced at solving similar challenges on a regular basis.
  • A prompt and professional response time based on an already established working relationship between Keelings and Flexsource.

If you’d like to manage the risk of staffing problems like this in the future, contact the Flexsource light-industrial team to start a conversation.

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