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The primary focus of the Facilities Team will be to provide, manage and maintain designated facilities to appropriate standard, including cleanliness, availability and efficiency.


Facilities team members will rotate between cleaning, trolley, kerbs, forecourt and taxi stand management. They will also assist with tray loading and boarding card checks within passenger screening, if required.



  • Embrace own role as ‘face of Dublin Airport’ to convey a professional, helpful and friendly attitude to users
  • Take personal responsibility, on behalf of the team, for the cleanliness, availability and efficiency of facilities
  • Strongly focus on meeting customer and stakeholder needs with concern beyond own area and for quality end-to-end passenger experience, ensuring cleanliness, safety and comfort is of the highest concern
  • Be proactive in identifying and responding to customer needs and requests for service e.g. airlines, handling agents, state agencies, passengers
  • Be flexible in carrying out duties beyond assigned tasks in response to customer/stakeholder/operational needs as they arise
  • Deliver high quality performance to achieve set targets and specified quality standards and processes
  • Provide assistance as required in the event of an airport emergency or unplanned event including fire safety marshalling


Specific Facilities Responsibilities:

  • Ensure comfort and cleanliness of buildings, together with kerbs and forecourt pedestrian areas
  • Ensure  compliance with safe systems and methods of work
  • Ensure continuous availability of trolleys to meet customer demand  
  • Proactively manage, in a safe and efficient manner, the movement of pedestrians and trolleys on Kerbs and Forecourts – including taxi stand management
  • Ensure timely reporting of any incidents, accidents or abandoned vehicles
  • Provide information and assistance as required to users
  • Monitor general compliance with fire, health and safety requirements, ensuring any fire, health and safety issues are immediately reported and addressed
  • Monitor operations and ensure any operational issues/observed faults are immediately reported and resolved
  • Assist with the management of tray supplies and loading of passenger items into trays at the passenger security screening area
  • Escalate any security screening issues that arise to the passenger screening team


Other Duties:

Any other duties as assigned to meet operational requirements



Knowledge & Experience

  • Experience in a service driven organisation is desirable
  • Fluent standard of English is essential

Behavioural Competencies  (Enablers of Success)


Personal Leadership – Takes responsibility for own actions

  • · Be punctual at all times and be at your place of work at start and end of shift
  • · Clock in and out
  • · Take responsibility for how you do your own work
  • · Suggest improvements that could allow you to do your job better
  • · Solve problems in an effective manner
  • · Achieve high standards/scores across key activities


Managing Work – Identify, prioritise and organise work for delivery

  • Inform yourself on company policies on e.g. Absence management etc.
  • Adhere to and respect company policies
  • Use company property with due care and attention
  • Be cost and value conscious in the decisions you take while at work
  • Follow H&S rules at all times
  • Do work within the time constraint agreed with your manager
  • Meet targets/KPI’s as agreed


Communicating Effectively – Gets the message across in a clear, concise and relevant way

  • · Attend meetings, training courses, etc. as requested
  • · Deliver messages in a clear way
  • · Share with your manager your ideas or concerns in relation to your area
  • · Ask questions when you are not sure
  • · Keep yourself informed using all the company communications channels
  • · Be a good ambassador for the organisation


Team Working – Works co-operatively with people from other departments, with different skills and objectives to achieve best outcome

  • · Work co-operatively with all your colleagues
  • · Support Team decisions and team members
  • · Be open to learning and passing on better ways of doing things
  • · Listen and respect others points of view
  • · Raise issues promptly that hinder performance


Strategic Thinking – Looks beyond immediate issue, at the big picture in relation to what DAA want to achieve

  • · Understand how your own work contributes to daa success
  • · Consider the impact of your own work on others
  • · Know and understands the customers needs
  • · Think beyond the immediate issue, and considers longer term effects


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Job Overview

  • JO-1703-350642
  • Sinead McLoughlin
  • March 24, 2017
  • €11.96 per hour
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