5 Ways Flexsource Recruitment Saves Your Business Time and Money

Recruitment agencies are always under the spotlight, with the accounts department constantly requiring justification for using an outside source to do, what they consider, an inside job. However, these skilled and dedicated recruitment professionals have the knowledge and the expertise to improve your Return on Investment positively. Hiring new employees is time-consuming and costly, especially if the chosen applicant turns out to be the wrong person for the position.

Should you choose to source your staff without using a recruitment agency, a qualified and a potentially perfect applicant could miss your post. While the initial research in finding the right recruitment agency that specializes in your field could take time, when you have found your perfect agency they should have hundreds of CVs on file from skilled professionals in your business arena. They will only send candidates with the required qualifications; this is what they spend their days doing and where their experience lies. The applicants will have been pre-interviewed, then run through the relevant skills tests, plus the reference checks would have been done. This is part of what you are paying for, to save your staff from spending valuable time away from their core responsibilities sorting through resumes from hopeful, but unqualified applicants.

A new employee not working to full potential, or performing poorly, takes up around 17% of the supervisor or manager's time. That equates to nearly one day of the week being wasted. If this results in the employee being terminated, more time and lost hours will be spent finding and training a replacement candidate. This is where the recruitment agency excels. They would have pre-qualified the applicants prior to them walking through your doors. Staff turnover, without fail, costs time and money that you can ill-afford. Rather leave it to the experts to find a candidate that will perform to the required standards and understand the office culture.

Your recruitment agency is on call to help you during your typically busy times. Temporary workers, or temps, experienced in your field can be provided - negating the need for your staff to work overtime. So instead of paying overtime rates, the work will be completed timeously and cost effectively, whether it be performing an audit, going through an essential IT upgrade, assisting marketing and promotion or wherever the help is needed. This will alleviate the strains in budget and time management, plus you have access to the cream of the crop of candidates for the time required

The best recruitment agency will offer access to their candidates for skills training. This ensures that the potential employees stay current with specific industry requirements, honing their talents and updating job skills. Thus you employ a successful candidate who is well-versed in industry-specific fields and skill set.

Once you are working from a position of commitment, respect, and mutual trust, working closely with your recruitment agency and making sure that they understand how your business works, will save hours and dollars. Set expectations and clear objectives, ensuring the responsibilities and roles are understood. Treat your recruiters as an extension to your HR team, avoiding moving the goal posts that will make their jobs more difficult.


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