Mastering Logistics Staffing in the Face of Fluctuating Demand

Running logistics operations is difficult enough. When you throw workforce management into the mix, however, it can become outright nightmarish. You can't just settle for making sure that people do their jobs properly, you also have to ensure that they don't head elsewhere in search of more attractive opportunities.

Attrition is a game-killer. Unfortunately, it's not necessarily economical to match every competitor or head-hunter who poaches staff from under your nose. No matter how small of a pay rise they offer, the grass always looks greener elsewhere, and your workers are constantly searching for upward mobility.

If you don't convince them that they'll find rewarding opportunities under your employment, then you'll suffer from a high turnover rate that makes it impossible to fulfill your client demands. Are you doomed to fall prey to the whims of a fickle workforce? Fortunately, you don't have to settle for staffing that doesn't cut it. Here are some pointers on minimising downtime by keeping your enterprise hard at work.

Understand What You're Up Against

Before tackling any business problem, it's vital to assess its defining parameters. It can be difficult to understand what the evolving labour market means for your company, but all logistics leaders must face some universal realities.

You Have to Work Harder to Keep Workers Interested

According to one Gallup Poll, almost two-thirds of Irish employees weren't engaged in their work. A further one-fifth of workers were classified as being actively detached from their duties.

With only about 16 percent of Irish professionals feeling motivated to go above and beyond for their companies, employers are fighting an uphill battle.

As Workers Gain Skills, Their Options Widen

As recently as 2016, the Irish labour force experienced significant increases in the number of people working in highly skilled STEM jobs.

On the other hand, benefits such as the nation's narrowing skills gap and the emergence of Dublin as an important European tech sector hub could be a double-edged sword.

With almost one-third of the Irish workforce involved in the technology industry, you'd be right to assume that it's becoming easier to attract the attention of talented workers from around the world. The only problem is that these professionals know their skills and come at a premium.

So even though the skills gap is shrinking, increasing demand means that you've got to compete even harder to differentiate your employment offerings.

Handling Common Logistics HR Problems The Smart Way

In the logistics world, staffing issues are even more challenging than they are in other sectors. For instance, it's all too common for companies to face seasonal spikes in demand, and these situations leave you at your most vulnerable.

When you're in the middle of a big issue or massive project, you simply can't afford to have dozens of vital employees march out the door in unison.

Could smarter recruitment strategies be the answer to your woes? Working with a firm like Flexsource empowers you to redefine the way you hire, manage and cater to your workforce.

Manage Staff Across the Entire Supply Chain

Recruitment isn't just about finding a candidate who meets the bare minimum.

In addition to requiring specific skillsets, logistics workers often have to wear several hats. It's critical to focus your recruitment efforts on finding viable candidates who can help you stay flexible as your work processes adjust.

Flexsource helps you gain essential insights and identify potential employees who do more than merely satisfy job descriptions. We let you integrate your hiring process with your entire operational lifecycle so that you can find matches whose strengths complement your needs and organizational culture.

Widen Your Perspective on Candidate Hiring

Taking the first available option may seem tempting when you're struggling with a sudden staff deficit. This strategy can easily backfire when you have to satisfy a host of distinct labour protection laws.

When you're recruiting, nothing beats access to a broader pool. Flexsource lets you leverage the data that makes it possible to stay better informed. In addition to increasing the odds that you'll find the best workers, being able to see more options lets you make a more confident decision.

Don't Just Keep People Employed. Keep Them Happy

Your capacity for retaining staff revolves around your ability to outshine your employment market competitors.

Flexsource helps you satisfy your workers with candidate care, employee-of-the-month programs and other initiatives that set you apart.

By letting your staff know that you're invested in making their lives better, you can keep them more engaged when the workload gets tough.

Stay On Your Toes To Scale On Demand

What will you do when the logistics landscape suddenly shifts? Can your current hiring practices help you ramp up production overnight to meet demand?

Flexsource has the track record of success needed to help you rise to any occasion. Find out more by contacting our team here, or subscribe to our blog for other great staffing tips.

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