Recruiter on Demand

Flexsource’s Recruiter on Demand service delivers an immediate, specialist, efficient and economic recruitment solution to finite, seasonal or once-off spikes in hiring.

As the service is on a drawdown basis for the required duration of the project, it gives clients all the resources of a recruitment department with none of the permanent overheads.

Flexsource provides a client with an on-site recruiter to manage and coordinate the recruitment project on their behalf.This individual works as an extension to Human Resources and/or the hiring manager and has access to an industry-leading recruitment team and system that can be located on- or off-site and can be scaled up or down depending on the client’s requirements.

Recruiter on Demand gives clients accountability, control over costs, a commitment to fill all roles, a detailed understanding of the role and company fit, a project management resource, management of multiple vendors, tailored project plans, and full reporting functionalities.