10 Tips To Finding A Truck Driver Job Online

Finding a trucking job is not as difficult as many think it is; in fact, with the internet, you can easily find jobs that are posted on different boards, which you would otherwise have to visit various employers to learn about in the past.

These are 10 tips to find a job as a truck driver using the Internet, and will help you find the right career as a trucker.

Visit job boards

Job posting boards are the first place to look. Not only do they list all local jobs, but you can also find national jobs if you want to work as interstate drivers. Visiting as many job boards as possible will allow you to find a job, and find the best position in the shortest time frame possible.

Use dedicated sites

Visiting job posting boards that are dedicated to trucker jobs. These boards are easy to use, and they are easy to find the best positions both locally as well as nationally.

Search engines

Google, Yahoo, and other search engines, are an obvious place to start. A quick search will allow you to find national and local results for the jobs you are interested in.

Social media

Many companies post to social media today, to surpass job boards. Not only is it free, thousands, if not millions of people looking for jobs can easily find them.

Government sites

Although not many, there are government based trucking jobs. If you can pass the security clearances, and other testing, it is possible to find jobs in this manner.


There are online forums that are started by, and dedicated to the trucking industry. Although they do not specifically list jobs, people post jobs, and discuss open positions on these boards.

Company sites

If you are interested in working for a particular company, you can visit their site directly, in order to find the different positions that are currently available within the organization.

Resume builders

If you need help building your resume, there are companies that help you with this. And, many of these companies are aware of jobs that are available in the industry, and can help pass your resume on to the appropriate individuals, to help you find the right job.

Online chats

You can visit online chat sites, to find out what is available as well. You can find industry specialists or individuals who know where to search and how to find the right job online.


PPC and other paid for ads are often found online, which lead to open positions. If you click on these ads, you will sometimes find available jobs, and other open positions that are available with companies that are looking for new employees and new drivers to work in the field.

These are a few of the many options that are available to you, when searching for a trucking job. Although not all will elicit the ideal job, using several of these resources, will allow you to eventually find the ideal local or national job.