How Recruitment Agencies Support Work Life Balance with Part Time Jobs

Every day you get up an hour before everyone else, just so you will have time to take a shower and do your hair before the daily onslaught begins. You dress and feed the kids and drive 40 minutes to a job you used to love. You're burnt out, stuck and dying for someone to throw you a lifeline to escape the madness. It's time to consider going to a temp agency and seeing what is available in work at home and flexible jobs.

Working with Recruitment Agencies

Top staffing agencies have recruiters who specialize in flexible jobs in niche industries. Reach out to the experts to access more hiring managers and to reap the rewards. Many recruiters will:

  • Help you prepare for the interview.
  • They can provide resume evaluation
  • They hook you up with hiring managers
  • Recruiters also offer unique insight

Here are some of the many things a seasoned agency brings to the table:


When you're a professional working in an office you are stuck from 9 to 5 and you might not get a break. Meanwhile, everything else in your life suffers. It order to be truly flexible, a job has to offer job sharing, part-time work and the ability to take a break for a month or so without losing your jobs.

When you are able to take a sabbatical you can volunteer, spend more time with your family or travel. In other words, you come back in balance your work and personal life. This actually leads to higher overall job satisfaction and retention.


Temporary work affords you the opportunity to do off the wall jobs. Focus on jobs that you think will be interesting and try them. You really can't lose with this one. The good thing about working several jobs as a temp is that you become very agile at picking things up quickly. Be sure to list each new skill you pick up in your resume because the diverse experience is going to make you extremely marketable and appealing to hiring managers.

Temp Jobs Ease Life Transition

If you've recently moved to a new town, you may feel a little lost with regard to regional hiring trends or accounting and finance industry jobs available in the local area. Temporary employment gives you a way to learn about the business community you've moved into and experience the work environment at several companies before you commit to a full-time job.

Temp Agencies Also Smooth Over the Transition at Work

Sign up today to start seeing part-time jobs that help you balance work and family life. If you are just starting a job that is partially work from home, it can be a stressful, here are some of the rewords.

  • Less Stress
  • Improve commitment
  • Reduce overhead costs and turnover
  • Increase productivity

Using an Agency

Visit an agency to kick-start your dream job of flexible working hours to have a better work and life balance. Ask to talk to someone who recruits in that sector.