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5 Reasons to Use a Specialist Industry Staffing Agency for Your Recruitment Needs Logistics companies all over Ireland rely on Flexsource and other recruitment agencies to fill their fluctuating 3PL staffing demands. The main reason for outsourcing this function is because it’s complex and riddled with risk. Your demand fluctuates, which means you need flexibility with your team. But flexibility doesn’t necessarily sit well with the best talent. Read More
3 Tips for Finding Quality Pharmaceutical Staff in a Tight Labor Market
Ireland is the world’s 7th largest pharmaceutical products exporter and the largest net exporter of pharmaceuticals in the EU. Accounting for over 50% of all exports from the European Union. Being such a powerhouse in this sector comes with many opportunities for growing companies in Ireland, but it also comes with several challenges. Perhaps the biggest problem Read More
Why You Need to Focus on Developing Talent in an Employee Dominant Market
The employer’s market is well and truly over in Ireland. In fact, research studies indicate that Ireland's unemployment rate is profoundly low, currently sitting at 6.1% - the lowest jobless rate since 2008. In the highly competitive bio-pharma market, hiring and retaining great talent is perhaps the greatest challenge businesses face. But it also presents Read More
How to Place Reliable Entry Level Staff for Important Visual Inspections
Visual inspections are crucial in many industries. But none more so than the growing pharmaceutical industry in Ireland. Typically, staffing needs for visual inspections come when something has gone wrong with a batch, and you have to choose between pulling existing staff away from other batches or hiring new staff to fill the void. Unfortunately, Read More